Project List

ICCCT is currently involved in four projects:

1. Orphanage
ICCCT is in the process of developing an orphanage for the needy. We have acquired 12 acres of land and plan to accommodate around 1,000 children (boys and girls).

An Agricultural Well which springs forth water during the driest season and an Office for ICCCT has been constructed in 2009.


2. Sponsor a Child
The “sponsor a child” programme provides foster care for orphaned children. At just a dollar a day, you too can become a sponsor.

OrphansThe contribution could be only for a year or it could be continued, if you wish, thereafter until the child is settled in marriage or in employment. You pay NZ$ 365 per annum per orphaned child for sponsorship.In the current year 400 orphans are registered for assistance. We appeal to you for your help!

We will provide you with: · A photo of the child · Address of Foster Parent

3. Qurban (Meat Distribution)
In the month of Hajj, ICCCT distributes Qurban meat to the poor, destitute and the needy in Sri Lanka. We distributed meat to 17,400 families since 2005. You can now distribute qurban meat in Sri Lanka for just one-hundred New Zealand dollars per share of a person.

CowsQurban is performed before Asr prayers on the 13th day of the month of Hajj, the sacrificing animals will commence immediately after Eid prayers. Your name is recited when making Udhhiyya. Please e-mail the name of persons on whose behalf Qurban is to be given.

4. Zakatul Fitr
During every Ramadan, since 2005, ICCCT has distributed Zakatul Fitr for the needy.

Since 2005, Fitra Rice was distributed to 6,100 deserving families. This will be continued every year and the Zakatul Fitr will be distributed before Eidul Fitr prayers.

You pay NZ$ 10 per head.